Umitama Salt

Cherry Blossom colored and plum flavored salt
This salt is produced in Kitaura “Himuka no Kuni”.Ume vinegar is soaked with the plum of Kitaura product and plum powder is added in the salt. It is usually served with rice ball, boiled rice in tea, roasted meat, tempura, and sushi. It is prepared in zipper bag and high-quality transparent bottles. You can also use it as a souvenir or present.

By: Ateffa Jalali
umimitama salt.jpg

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Blueberry Jam

Additive- free jam
Usually we have to choose between healthy food and tasty food, but what if we don’t have to?
This blueberry jam is cultivated without using any agricultural chemicals. It it is boiled only with oligosaccharide, which has only few monosaccharide or sugar. Thus, it’s healthy and tasty, so it is worth trying.

blueberry 2.jpg

blueberry jam.jpg
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Aromatic rice

Taste the fresh fragrance
This medium grained rice is known for its nut-like aroma and taste. When two or three tablespoons of this aromatic rice is added in two or three cups of usual rice, the result would be natural rice flavor with special scent.

aromatic rice.jpg
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Extremely Sour and Salty Pickled Plums
It is said eating umeboshi in Japan is the equivalent of the English expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. These Japanese pickled plums are species of a fruit-bearing tree called plum, however it is more related to apricot. Traditionally they are made by harvesting “ume” fruit and when ripen they are packed in barrels with salt. These salt plums are usually served as side dishes for rice or eaten on rice balls and sometimes served boiled or seasoned for dinner. Also, Umeboshi is believed to have health affects like digestive aid, prevention of nausea, and systemic toxicity.


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Ms. Momoko Kuroki’s Handicraft

Handicrafts have a magic of dragging us towards them. One of the reasons can be the fact that we become amazed by the talent and hard work of the person who has made it with creativity and full dedication. My colleague Ms. Momoko Kuroki, one of Michikusa staff, makes origami (Paper folding) for Ai-road Nishimera Office, which is used as one of Miyazaki Baby Stations.
She has used different natural materials like acorn, wood drift, chestnut, brunches, leaves and sometimes felt and fabric for her amazingly intricate designs of origami and fabric dolls and has the experience of making dodecahedron and trihedral paper crafts.
You can see some pictures of her creative and beautiful art work below. It includes origami ornaments, a mobile with hanged cockles, tapestry, and different photo frames using driftwood from rivers of Nishimera village.
Now, here is the good news. Our company, Ai-road Corp., is planning to use her attractive and matchless origami in the souvenirs and other selling products.





DSC_0007 (1).JPG

By: Aeffa Jalali
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Brochure Cover

Hello Friends,
Ai-road Company is now working on edition of a brochure for Public Bus Foreign Users. Inside content is yet to be revealed, but we are eagerly waiting for your comments about choosing the cover. You can see both options in the picture help us select one.

IMG_7183 (2).JPG
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The Secret of Healthy Japanese Cuisine

The healthiest part of Japanese cuisine is based on the way food is consumed. The important part of Japanese food culture is consuming in moderation and with lots of variety. Nutritionists in Japan suggests eating at least 30 different types of foods a day, and it is said a Japanese person consumes almost 15 to 20 types of foods a day. Lunch boxes used by my colleagues’ in office also has several spaces for different kinds of food all in small portion. I think it is a very good idea for dieting too, as you don’t have to leave your favorite meal or starve, instead eat everything, but in a precisely small amount.


bento 3.jpg
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An, Sweet Bean Paste

It is said, peoples' love of sweets and guilty feelings about over eating them are quiet universal. Thus, it will be a good news to know that Japanese style bean paste is refined, smooth, deep in taste, and contains no fat using only plant ingredients. An or anko, red sweet bean paste, is one of the basic ingredients for Japanese sweets. It is a sweet, dark paste, with deep taste prepared by boiling and mashing azuki beans and sweetened with sugar. I just tried it in Dorayaki , a Japanese sweet also called red bean pancake or yummy buns. The taste is truly awesome and unique.

red bean 3.jpg

dorayaki 2.jpg
Ateffa Jalali
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Kagoshima Aquarium

In my trip to Kagoshima I visited its extremely attractive aquarium. It has 30,000 animals of 500 varieties, mainly displaying those living in Kagoshima. It has a great water tank, where I got the opportunity to look at whale shark (one of world’s largest Shark species), tuna, Bonita and ray for the first time. I loved all the marine creatures, they were so pretty, colorful and simply amazing. I had a special feeling while closely looking at them as small transparent fishes and glowing starfishes were very adorable. Dolphin performance was also very amusing. I didn’t know I love Dolphins so much. In the top floor, we relaxed at a view hall looking at the volcanic Mt. Sakurajima. Also, we took pictures with whole skeleton of Long man's beaked whale. After looking at the wide variety of tropical fishes and other marine creatures, we wished to touch them for once. The wish came true, as there was a touch pool and we could touch starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. It really was a great experience!

aqua 5.jpg


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My trip to Kagoshima

I had an exciting one day trip to kagoshima with my husband and some friends. Although one day trip is very short to visit a prefecture, we started an early trip and used every minute of the day. From Kagoshima Chou Station to Sakurajima we went by Ferryboat, which was a 20 min cruise, yet one of the best things I liked about the trip. It was an awesome experience to feel the fresh breezes of the ocean and have view of Sakurajima, active volcanic mountain. After arriving, we had lunch in Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geo Park which had a wonderful ocean view and poetic environment. Foot bath was another joyous experience of the trip, which was very relaxing and just removed the exhaustion of the trip by giving a very light feeling with a beautiful view of Kinko bay. We took countless pictures including the one in front of Statue of Satsuma students, who were secretly sent to study in Britain. We also visited Kagoshima Aquarium. It was so amazing that I don’t want to sum up in two sentences, thus I will write separately about it in the next post.


ferry boat.jpg

Ateffa Jalali
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