Indian restaurant MUNA

Delicious food corner with halal meal
Miyazaki-ken, Miyazaki-shi, Oyodo, 3 Chome-5-30
Tel: 0985-31-0870
Open hours: 11:00- 15:00
17:00- 23:00
A place that will welcome you with konnichiwa (Japanese greetings), but offer you the taste and spices of India. It seems like they brought a small piece of their country to Japan. As I hear the Bollywood songs while eating Indian food, I feel like being in India. I usually go to this restaurant after shopping with my husband. We both love spicy foods and “lasi”, thus it’s the ideal restaurant for us. So far, I have tried its crispy “papur”, different types of curries, kababs, soup and I want to try all the other food sets of it.

Ateffa Jalali

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My experience of making Rice cake “Mochi”

It may be surprising or weird, but we actually experienced so many things in just two days of trip to Nishimera village!
I learned and tried making rice cake in a traditional way. It was very interesting. The hosts already had steamed the Japanese sticky rice. We joined in the second procedure which was pounding the rice in wooden mortar, where one person should pound the rice and the other person makes it wet. I must mention pounding is not easy at all, as you do it with a really heavy pestle. (You can see that in the pictures below)
My husband was good at it, but I could barely hold that heavy pestle. They kept pounding until it became smooth. Then, we spread the mochi and cut in pieces. After that we filled it with either sweet bean paste or vegetables, making round shapes. Nowadays Japanese people make rice cake using a machine, but I enjoyed the experience of making it in a traditional way.
Ateffa Jalali
making rice cake.jpg

making 2.jpg

making 5.jpg

making 7.jpg
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Saitobaru Tumulus Park

In our trip to Nishimera we didn’t have a plan of visiting Saitobaru Park, but I guess this is what Michikusa means! We stopped in this historical park for a while and it was a nice surprise as we got to watch so many beautiful seasonal flowers like cherry blossom, sunflowers, and cosmos.
Then, a special music sound dragged us in front of Konohanakan (Saitobaru guidance center), where we found that the sound was played by Mr. Ke Kochi using a tea leaf! It was unbelievable. I actually thought it is an instrumental music but I was surprised by his talent. I wanted to wait longer to hear more, but I had forgotten it was an unplanned stop and Nishimera village’s beauties were waiting for us.

Ateffa Jalali,
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Mr. Sadakichi Kuroki’s Art gallery

Nishimera village’s air must have an endowment of nurturing talents. Previously I wrote about handi crafts of my colleague, Ms. Momoko Kuroki from Nishimera (http://michikusan.seesaa.net/article/427512259.html), and today I want to write about the art gallery of Mr. Sadakichi Kuroki. Most of the pictures in his gallery portrays the seasonal beauties of different places in Nishimera, also yukagora dances (religious performance). I admired all his paintings but the one displaying the scenery of rice crops field with hanged fire alarm bell is my favorite. He has expressed his affection to this village through his art and says will sell them only to people who really loves them.

Ateffa Jalali,

Mr. Sadakichi Kuroki in Nishimera village
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Food Fair in Cocco farm

I attended the Kyusho Chuo Shanchi tourism and local food products fair in Cocco farm on 18 October. It included products from Shiiba village, Mizukami village, Taraki town, Yonomae town, Izumi town, Itsuki Village, and Nishimera village. This interesting festival was organized by our company, Ai-road.Inc. It included a lottery holding, where many customers received luxurious premium gifts by buying more than 1000 yen at the fair or more than 2000 yen at Cocco farm. We played bingo game, which I attended for the first time and got fruits as a prize. My husband also got name plates in which Mr. Shogo Matsuda wrote our names using his beautiful art of calligraphy. It was a very enjoyable and memorable festival.

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Nishimera Hot spring

A truly rejuvenating experience

Even an exciting trip, no matter short or long, makes us exhausted and willing to relax; thus if you have a hot spring plan in your schedule it’s the thing your body will thank you for. After quiet a long day in Nishimera we planned to experience its hot spring, which had inside and outside baths. The moment I stepped inside I stopped thinking about past or worrying about the future; I was just living that moment. In the outside bath I felt the wind blowing softly while watching at the pine and chestnut trees swaying gently on the mountainside. Also, the finishing sauna was very destressing. I am just counting days to return!!

Ateffa Jalali
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Nishimera Village

Technology has brought many facilities in our lives, but still I sometimes want to run away from all of them. I want to leave all the work stress and life problems behind and go to a place to be blessed by nature. Fortunately, I experienced it in my trip to Nishimera. Nishimera is a village located in Koyu District, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. As of 2005, it has estimated population of 1,298, which is less than the number of amazingly beautiful deer that live in there. That makes it a quiet peaceful place with few car sounds and only one traffic light. I really was enchanted by the mountain scenery and picturesque bridges over clear rivers. In this village all the traditions are kept alive, as they dry the rice crops in a traditional way and has a big manual fire alarm bell. In short, it is a wonderful place to visit.
Ateffa Jalali
nishimera village.jpg

nishimera rice crop field.jpg
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Karintou (Fried dough cake)

My favorite dessert keeps changing as I try more Japanese desserts. First time, I tried “karintou”, fried dough cake, in my office and I really loved it.
It is crispy and slightly sweet with different flavors like donut, citrus, cinnamon, cocoa, sweet potato, green tea, sea lettuce, ginger and mixed flavors. I really liked donut and citrus flavors.
I guess it can replace popcorn as I really enjoyed eating it as a snack while watching movie or as a dessert with a cup of coffee. Like many other Japanese desserts it’s also healthy as no additives are used in it.

fried dough cake.jpg
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Rich pike eel
This highly valued freshwater fish is made in Oita prefecture and loved by almost all Japanese. Hamo or pike eel is a bony fish so it has a long cleaning and bone cutting procedures. Using the sword culture, a special purpose knife was developed for slicing the bones in the flesh to make it edible. This slicing technique is called “bone cutting” in which the meat and bones are sliced by skilled professionals and the skin is left undamaged. Finally it is cut into bite sized pieces and vacuum-packed.

pike eel 2.jpg

pike eel.jpg
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Variety sets of Musoudori chicken

An ideal set for chicken lovers
Musoudori chickens are raised in an environment with beautiful nature in the heart of a mountain of Kadogawa-cho, Miyazaki. Musoudori chickens are used in the variety sets that include chicken Nanban with vinegar and tartar sauce; roasted chicken fillet; mini-tomato stew; wing stew; ginger giblets stew; grilled chicken with (soy sauce, sake, soybean paste, sugar, and citrus); and pre-packaged ingredients for making mix chicken rice.

mesudori chicken.jpg
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