Tokyo Dome

 A day full of thrilling, delightful and delirious experiences 
td fb.jpg

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is an amusement park located next to the Tokyo Dome in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan and it is one of the most popular amusement parks in Tokyo.

We planned going to this theme park at the third day of our trip.

Trust me, we didn’t look like two married couples but some teenage friends who weren’t thinking about anything else but doing fun and crazy things!!

By the moment we entered this theme park, our heart beats increased to max and we had butterflies inside.

Thunder Dolphine

The 10th tallest roller coaster in the world

thunder dolphine.jpg

We started our amusing night with Thunder dolphin, the exciting hyper-roller-coaster jetting through the Big-O Ferris Wheel. It is 80 meters (260 ft.) tall with 66 m drop, and 130 km/h (81 mph) speed!!

Safety controllers were quite strict and that gave us a feeling it is going to be breath taking. Of course it was! By the time the ride started, I was thinking when will it end??? I was yelling for few seconds and quiet in the next, gasping for breath and shouting again!!!  

Honestly, I cant tell you about its wonderful view cause I had closed my eyes out of fear. :p

Sky flower

sky flower td.jpg 

Next we tried the Sky flower that floated like a parachute. It was all fun and not scary. I am a brave girl except for the thunder dolphin. ;)

Super Viking Sorabune

A huge pirate ship swings widely

pirate ship td.jpg

This one was my favorite and we rode three times on three different seats and enjoyed a lot.

Wonder Drop

A falling 13-meter-high dive!

wonder drop td.jpg

Well yes it was winter and extremely cold, but as I said we wanted to try crazy things and was focusing on having fun rather than the weather. That's why we tried it twice and was shaking with wet clothes in windy and extremlly cold weather.

The Big-O

World’s first hub less Ferris wheel

tokyo dom.jpg

I don’t regret closing my eyes in Thunder Dolphin, as I got a magnificent and impressive view while sitting in the Big-O.

To sum up, Tokyo Dome was a great place for entertainment and made our trip to Tokyo more special. We took countless pictures that won’t let us forget all the amazing things we experienced.

By: Ateffa Jalali 

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Tokyo Tower

New Year’s Eve 2015  in Tokyo

 tokyo tower 2.jpg

This New Year was one of the most colorful and exciting new years of my life.

I spent the last minutes of 2015 in front of Tokyo Tower, which

is 333 meter tall radio tower that was built in 1958.

It has two observation platforms at 150 and 250 meters.

Also, in the bottom part of the tower, it has a wax museum, an aquarium, souvenir shops and restaurants.


While we were walking through shiba Koen and Minto areas to find Tokyo Tower, it was quite and two ideas crossed my mind either we have lost the right way or not many people are interested in celebrating New Year in Tokyo. I was surprised to see the remarkable crowd as we got at the Tower.

release balloon 2.jpg

It looked like a garden with different types of flowers, as people from many different countries were cherishing together .

The fun part is that, there wasn’t a real count down. The local and foreign visitors were so excited that they were yelling and counting the last minutes of the year by themselves and celebrated New Year by releasing balloons. The crowd was remarkably amazing. 

By: Ateffa Jalali

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My trip to Tokyo

World’s most populous and bustling metropolis

tokyo crowd.jpg

Japan’s capital, Tokyo is a city where nights are as energetic and noisy as its days. The city offers unlimited options for entertainment, shopping, culture and dinning.

My New Year trip plan to Tokyo became more enjoyable, because I had fun companions. This time it was a group trip I was with my husband and our friends (another couple).

tokyo illuminations.jpg

Winter illuminations had decorated the whole city like a bride. In fact, Tokyo is a conveniently accessible city, thus it was easy to visit many places in just few days. We visited Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observations, Odaiba seaside Park, Wald 9 cinema, and many restaurants and shopping malls. I will write specifically about the interesting parts in my next posts.

It was a short yet extremely memorable trip, as  my husband met his collage friend and I made new friends as I met his wife for the first time. We made a lot of fun memories and enjoyed every minute we spent in Tokyo.

tokyo night.jpg

By: Ateffa Jalali

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Funny and interesting facts

1: Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand.
(If she used mascara like us she would have bought it every week or even more frequently lols)
2: Like finger prints everyone’s tong print is different.
tongue print.jpg
3: Hot water is heavier than cold.
4: Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying!
gum while cutting oninons.jpg
5: Human birth control pills work on gorillas.
(Does that mean they can start family planning???) :p
6: You can tell the sex of a horse by its teeth. Most males have 40, females have 36.
male horse.jpg
7: Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
8: Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.
9: The porpoise is second to man as the most intelligent animal on the planet.
10: Banging your head in the wall uses 150 calories a hour.
You wanna lose wait? Start banging your head. ;)

The facts are retrieved from: http://bootstrike.com/LaughterHell/Misc/miscs13.php

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Are you an optimist?

optimism 4.jpg

Well most of us will probably say yes! But are you sure??
Being optimist does no harm, but has a lot of benefits. It makes life stress free and less painful. Likewise, it helps you perform better and promotes success.
Being honest, I am sometimes optimist and sometimes not. At least that’s what optimism tests say about me. :p
Every morning, when I open my eyes for five minutes I go to flash back of what happened yesterday and what plans I have for today or this week. If I am lucky enough to have something good in either of them, I am positive during the day. However, if I had nothing exciting in any of them, I start looking at the half empty part of glass and I get mad at why the bus came two minutes late, I mean that is a long time right? ;) Now that’s not good enough. We should be thinking positively all the time, thus I am working on myself to be more optimist, are you? I know how it feels when I am positive and I want to have that golden feeling all the time. There is something good in everything and every situation and when we can only observe them after wearing rose-colored glasses.
Now put on those glasses and look around yourself, you will find happiness, success, and love every where.

optimism 1.jpg
By: Ateffa Jalali
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Winter Solstice
Touji “winter solstice”, is celebrated on 22nd December in Japan, which has the shortest day and the longest night in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally in China and Japan, this day is considered as the day sun has least power and recovers its power day by day.
On Touji, Japanese people have the custom of eating pumpkin and have a bath with “Yuzu” orange. Yuzu is a very sour citrus fruit with strong sharp fresh smell. Also, it is good for skin, warms you and protects from getting cold.
yuzu bath.jpg

Similarly, pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and carotene and protect us against cold. Besides pumpkin, some people say all the foods that end in (んn ) which is the last letter of hiragana order and people give the same meaning as the day of Touji or “winter solstice” will be lucky food to eat in this day. For example, Ninjin (carrot), daikon (Japanese white radish), Udon (thick white noodles), and other food.

touji1.jpg pumpkin.jpg

To sum up, it is not only a superstition, but also a way of taking more vitamins and staying healthy.

By: Ateffa Jalali
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Yalda night

The longest and darkest night of the year

happy yalda night.jpg

Yalda night is also called “shab chla”, as it marks the night opening and the initial forty-day period of the three months of winter. It is a night between the last day of autumn and the first day of winter on December 20 or 21, which is mostly celebrated in Iran and Central Asian countries such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Caucasian states such as Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Foods play a central role in this celebration. Watermelon, pomegranate, nuts and dried fruits are served as a tradition, because red color in these fruits symbolize the crimson hues of dawn.

yalda 2.jpg
Mostly families gather in the house of the eldest member and stay awake till midnight to eat, drink, read poetry, and tell stories or anecdotes.
Another custom among some young engaged couples the men send edible arrangements of fruits and gifts to their fiancées’ and some girls return the favor by sending return gifts back to the man.
Last night was my first Yalda night celebrating with my husband and we had decorated our room with candle and lightnings and had a romantic candle light dinner. Through these small celebrations, we create best memories together.
(our room)


By: Ateffa Jalali
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Select Shop of Handicrafts

Meeting of gifted villagers in Nishimera

In one of the post I had written, that Nishimera village’s air must have an endowment of nurturing talents.
http://michikusan.seesaa.net/article/428577348.html. I will support that sentence by giving you more reasons to believe it.
In this meeting of 17th December in Nishimera office of Ai-road Inc, I met many talented and skillful villagers. The environment was very social and everyone started by introducing themselves and showing their handicraft they had made with patience, and dedication.


I was amazed by the skill of Mr. Keisuke Kuroki, who made a speaker from bamboo and a lantern from “Hozuki” which means physalis alkekengi also known as Chinese lantern, and strawberry ground cherry.

I was lucky enough to receive the Japanese lantern handicraft as a present. :)

Mr. Tomoyuki Tazume is another talented villager of Nishimera, who made awesome paper flowers and paper masks.


Well to surprise you I didn’t attend the opening just as an employee of Ai-road Inc. I displayed my paintings too. The sunset was liked by most and I was very happy that Mr. Sadakichi Kuroki, who is a great artist, http://michikusan.seesaa.net/article/428577348.html praised my painting.


He said, he could see a massage behind my paintings and I was glad he noticed it. He also liked the cherry blossom tree I painted with water color.


I have already posted about Ms. Momoko Kuroki’s impressive handicrafts (http://michikusan.seesaa.net/article/427512259.html), but it did worth reminding you again.


This time she also made materials for New Year and Christmas decorations. This new year if you want to decorate your home with your own skillful hands, you can use your talent using these materials.


By:Ateffa Jalali
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Giving life to flowers

Ikebana is a disciplined Japanese art of flower arrangement that connects nature and humanity. Ikebana or “Ikeru”, means “keep alive, arrange flowers, living” and “hana” means (flower).
It emphasizes on every part of the plants like stems, branches, mossleaves, stalks and flowers rather than just putting blooms of flowers in a container.
In fact, many aspects are taken into consideration in this art like color combination, natural shapes, and symbolizing a meaning of the arrangements.

ikebana 2.jpg

The asymmetrical form and use of empty space as an important feature of composition are what makes Ikebana different from flower arrangements.
Japanese have a close relationship with their natural surroundings.
Indeed, most of Japanese houses have some type of floral arrangements at home and they value Ikebana a lot. It is an art like painting and making sculptures.

By: Ateffa Jalali
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Do you enjoy your own company?

To experience peace doesn’t mean that your life is always blissful. It means that you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of a hectic life. (Jill Bolte Taylor)

walk alone.jpg

In today’s challenging life, we all run for success and work hard to get it. Sometimes we find success, and lose ourselves. During the rush and busy hours of your day, slow down for a while and look for your inner peace. In other words, dedicate at least ten minutes of your day and go out alone, switch off your phone and internet, breath deeply and enjoy your own company. Trust me, it won’t be a waste of time, rather you will feel inner growth and renewal.

Almost every day I spend few minutes of my lunch break listening to my heart, day dreaming, feeling the breeze, listening to birds' sound, watching the sky or simply being with myself while looking at the view of Oyodo River, which is a five minutes’ walk from our office.

You won’t believe what this ten minutes gives me in return. It inspires me, makes me feel content and look for beauty in small and usual things that I don’t even notice in other hours of the day. Thousands of thoughts and ideas cross my mind and I feel like I let out all the negative feelings out and take in all the positive charges of the nature.

By: Ateffa Jalali
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