Miyazaki City

Miyazaki city was used to be known as the top honeymoon spot, coincidentally I moved to this city just after my marriage, so it is a special place for me. At first I just liked the Aoshima beach near our house and nearby areas, however since I am writing about it I am admiring it even more. Now, I am getting curious about it and want to visit every place I read about. It really is a gifted city with beautiful nature and attractive views. In busy cities we feel like we are searching for ourselves, may be that’s the reason in this calm and quiet city I feel like I get to know myself better. In here my heart speaks clearly, as there is not much noise to mute it. I love the late night walks I take with my husband looking at shinning stars in the clear sky.
Miyazaki Night.jpg


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Miyazaki Kanko hotel

Eating is an essential and most frequent part of our lives. We eat every day, but the environment we eat in can make it a special memory. I went to Kanko Hotel with my husband and loved the romantic view of the river. The buffet was also great, it had different types of delicious foods, though I preferred eating tofu and salmon. The dessert and ice cream were mouthwatering and yummy. Overall the service was awesome and very hospitable to guests. It also had bakery, café, and shops selling local sweets and gifts as souvenir. After having a delightful and appetizing meal, we went for a long and relaxing walk around the bridge.

Ateffa Jalali

kanko hotel.jpg

kanko hotel2.jpg
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Japanese behavior and manners

I have been living in Japan for almost seven months. Japanese society is known to be quiet formal and conservative and I find Japanese people very humble and respectful. The most commonly used words that one would hear includes “arigato gozaimau”, which means thank you and “sumimasen”, meaning excuse me. I hear “arigato goazaimasu” more often as they thank for smallest favor. I also hosted some Japanese friends for dinner. They started the meal with the phrase “itadakimasu” meaning “I will receive” and end the meal with “gochisosama deshita (thank you for great meal)”. Also, they tend to eat all of the food on their plate, for not dishonoring the food by wasting it. Another commonly used word is “san”, which means (Mr. /Ms.), and it is politely attached with the last names. I must admit I really admire their polite and respectful behavior.
japanese bow.jpg

Ateffa Jalali
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Miyazaki City Phoenix zoo

I visited Miyazaki city phoenix zoo with my husband two months ago. It has 155 different types of animals, that are adorable, interesting and some even terrifying. I really loved the giraffe, zebra and color full scarlet macaw and took lots of pictures of them. Beside visiting and feeding the animals I also liked the amusement park where I tried the swing ride.
Then we had lunch at the restaurant where I tried sweet popcorn for the first time. It was a quite different and pleasant taste. At the end of the day, we drank hot tea with dessert, which we took from the souvenir shop, and enjoyed the refreshing nature view.

Ateffa Jalali
zoo pic.jpgpic.jpgzebra.jpg
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Kaeda valley

I visited this incredibly beautiful place with my husband and a group of friends. The beauty and attractiveness of this forested area made our barbecue picnic very special. I was rejoiced by the view of water fountain and fresh water pool. It was a sunny day, but we had shelter to protect us from direct sun ray. Above all, I enjoyed the hike in the challenging paths of this valley and exploring its adorable nature.

Ateffa Jalali
kaeda valley 3.jpg
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Space world adventure

I must admit my main purpose of going to Fukuoka was Space World, a theme park all about space. It’s located in Kita Kyushu northern part of Fukuoka and has more than thirty attractions with breath taking rides. I was totally amazed at Black Hole Scramble, a highly speed ride through complete black space with 89 degree twist and turn. Titan Max is another wonderful ride that hardly gives you time to breathe as it falls down 60 m at 115kph! I tried almost all the rides including Venus GP, Twin Mercury water ride, Ferris wheel, and others. I was shouting to dead, but it was a very memorable experience filled with screams, fear, excitement and lots of adventures.

Ateffa Jalali
f ride2.jpg

f r 3.jpg

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Japanese food

Japanese people are known to live the longest lives. The secret is Japanese foods, that are based upon the principles of health and longevity. Every one has a craving for tasty food, but Japanese people give more importance to health benefits than taste. I think most ingredients of Japanese food are protein , different types of fish, rice ,and they are served in small quantity. Among the Japanese foods, I have tried soybean tofu meatballs with salmon and loved them. And I would like to try omurice, that is fried rice wrapped in a thin omelette, and Senbei, rice crackers.

Ateffa Jalali
tofu balls.jpg

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Introducing myself

Hello everyone、
My name is Ateffa Jalali and I am a new member of Michikusa blog. It has been seven months that I am living in Miyazaki prefecture ,but I am originally from Afghanistan. I have a bachelor degree from Kabul University, faculty of Languages and Literature, English department and I have worked as a teacher in private university and US embassy projects for almost four years. I am artistic type ,as I love creative writing and my hobby is painting. I am fond of expressing my thoughts through painting and writing ,thus I will keep writing.
Best regards,
Ateffa Jalali
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Aoshima Beach

Aoshima beach was the place I found inner peace and heard the words of my heart louder. Beautiful wave sounds and walking on seashores while waves smashing my feet gently played the main role in helping me forget my worries in that moment. I didnt only witness fresh blue color ,but a combination of red, orange and yellow colors. I enjoyed the sunny weather and gentle sunshine. I made a lot of good memories just in one day,but I would love to go there more often.

Ateffa Jalali


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My first day at office

Today I woke up earlier than other days with an excitment of doing some thing new and a nervousness of not missing the bus. It is raining, so the weather is very refreshing.When I got on the bus, I had a mixture of feelings of being excited, nervous, curious, and happy ,because this is my first day at Ai-road Inc. I met my colleagues only some of them can understand my language ,but all of them are kind and willing to help. I think we will make a good team and do job successfully.

Ateffa Jalali
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